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Heinous Bugs

I know people who need Heinous:

Heinous means bad. Really bad. Horrible sky-is-falling bad. Grossly wicked. Jack the Ripper bad. Are you getting this? Good.

Heinous is the word to describe the type of bug you will not ship with. As a responsible parent for your product, you think you will ship with no bad bugs and that’s where you’re loopy. You’re going to ship with tons of bad bugs. More than you’ll be comfortable with. You’re, however, not going to ship with Heinous bugs because these are the bugs which, if found AFTER YOU SHIP, would stop the presses. People would run around the building screaming. Much money would be lost and heads would roll.

I’m not talking crashes… I’m talking massive data loss… horrible operating system hangs… exploding computers. I’m talking Heinous.


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