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Charging By the Project or the Hour

Even Picasso struggled with the same pricing issues that you face as an IP. He understood that it’s the skill, the expertise, the end result that the customer pays for, not the time it takes. But customers may need a bit of education to really understand that.

What are you worth? How much do you charge for the wonderful work that you do? How do you communicate your value to your clients? Do you quote an hourly rate, and then present a tally of hours and expenses at the end of a project? That’s typical of many IPs, who find this the simplest way to charge their clients. Or do you quote an up-front, flat rate for a project? This eliminates the sphincter-tightening moment at the end of the job when you present your bill. You run the risk, however, of seriously undercharging if the project turns out to be more complicated than you thought it would be.



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