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Take Your HTML Tables to a New Level with JavaScript Frameworks

With basic HTML tables, the structure and the way the table are presented inherits the native html style. And if you like to change it then you need to change the underlying HTML code or spend time in adding attributes to all tables tags, in order to style it with CSS . But what if you want to make the tables more interesting, more dynamic, more visual appealing without spending so much time. Yes you can certainly use JavaScript for this, but coding it from scratch will be time consuming and it’s not worth. But JS libraries/frameworks will allow you to add a range of dynamic behavior to your tables and manipulate it for better presentation on a webpage without spending much time. We decided to list a few for the benefit of those who intend to use tables with JavaScript(JS). Most of these are for the popular jQuery, MooTools and Prototype/ JS frameworks. Since most of the JS frameworks mentioned below are plug-ins that work on top of existing JS frameworks, it is recommended that you take a look at those base frameworks first. But there are a few others that do not require an existing JS frameworks.

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