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10 Jul 2010

A handgun named PHP

PHP is like a handgun. On its own, it is simply an inanimate tool that has no moral leaning. In the hands of a responsible citizen, it can be used to the benefit of society. But in the hands of someone who is untrained or mentally unstable, it can be used to commit horrible atrocities.Whenever

25 May 2010

How Apple sells their products

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09 May 2010

Easiest job in the world!

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28 Apr 2010

Getting started with a Digital SLR

via constipated_HELP: Honestly, if you just move the dial to “M” mode and tape it there, after a week you will be far and away better than 90% of amateurs out there. That’s what everyone had to do until the 70s, and they didn’t even have a screen to make sure they got exposure right.

27 Apr 2010

Take Your HTML Tables to a New Level with JavaScript Frameworks

With basic HTML tables, the structure and the way the table are presented inherits the native html style. And if you like to change it then you need to change the underlying HTML code or spend time in adding attributes to all tables tags, in order to style it with CSS . But what if

05 Jan 2010

Optimizing HTML

Client-side optimization is getting a lot of attention lately, but some of its basic aspects seem to go unnoticed. If you look carefully at pages on the web (even those that are supposed to be highly optimized), it’s easy to spot a good amount of redundancies, and inefficient or archaic structures in their markup. All

04 Jan 2010

How I Hire Programmers

There are three questions you have when you’re hiring a programmer (or anyone, for that matter): Are they smart? Can they get stuff done? Can you work with them? Someone who’s smart but doesn’t get stuff done should be your friend, not your employee. You can talk your problems over with them while they procrastinate

05 Dec 2009
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