Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering

This month’s column is simply a collection of what I consider to be facts – truths, if you will – about software engineering. I’m presenting this software engineering laundry list because far too many people who call themselves software engineers, or computer scientists, or programmers, or whatever nom du jour you prefer, either aren’t familiar

03 Dec 2009

The Mystery Of The CSS Float Property

Years ago, when developers first started to make the transition to HTML layouts without tables, one CSS property that suddenly took on a very important role was the float property. The reason that the float property became so common was that, by default, block-level elements will not line up beside one another in a column-based

20 Oct 2009

Prevent One Click Attacks by setting ViewStateUserKey in ASP.NET applications

Here’s an easy way to avoid One Click Attacks in ASP.NET applications. If you have a Base class that all your ASP.NET pages derive from, override the OnInit function. For example: protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e) { base.OnInit(e); if (User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) ViewStateUserKey = User.Identity.Name; } If you don’t have a base class defined, you would have

14 Sep 2009

Installing BugZilla 3.4.1 on Dreamhost

Here’s a quick guide on installing Bugzilla 3.4.1 on Dreamhost. Fire up a shell and follow these steps (these command are from in the directory of the domain you want to install Bugzilla in. mkdir bugs cd bugs wget tar zxf bugzilla-STABLE.tar.gz rm bugzilla-STABLE.tar.gz mv bugzilla*/* . Next, follow setups 6, 7, 8

24 Aug 2009

Disable UAC for Certain Applications in Vista

If you are a Windows Vista user, there is nothing more bugging than the UAC in Windows Vista. UAC which was supposed to bring improved security in Windows, does it pretty well but at the cost of user friendliness. There are lots of apps and softwares that I run on my Machine, and Vista bugs

15 Jul 2009

Mount ISO’s on 64-bit Windows Vista

MagicISO Virtual is a free software that works on Vista’s 64-bit edition. You’ll receive a warning when installing it – just click “Continue anyway”. From their site: MagicISO is very helpful utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs. You can run programs, play games, or listen to music from your

10 Jul 2009

ASP.NET AJAX CalendarExtender losing styles

If the AJAX CalendarExtender control shows up without any style information or in the wrong places, the simplest solution is to copy the original CSS for the Calendar’s default style (located at AjaxControlToolkit\Calendar\Calendar.css into your application’s CSS file. Also make sure the CssClass property is not defined in your CalendarExtender. The actual content of the

23 Jun 2009

Why Designers Should Learn How to Code

More often than not, designers have rightfully been accused of retreating into their cocoons of ignorance as soon as their work of creating a web design is finished, leaving the dirty and more hands-on work of putting it up on the web to developers. This apathy is prevalent not only in the web-building industry, but

13 Jun 2009
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