The Economist on Spyware: The rapid growth of spyware over the past year, and the legal ambiguity surrounding it, has brought it to the attention of regulators and lawyers in America and Europe. This month, a court in Utah will hear a case challenging the first state law that would ban it. Unless the software

07 Jun 2004

Drive Cleanup Wizard

(click for larger view) Drive Cleanup Wizard What? Permanently delete left-over Windows Temporary Files Empty all files, in all User Profiles, with extensions .bak, .~, .tmp Easily specify custom, multiple file-types to search and destroy Empty Temporary Internet Files and the Recycle Bin Ability to choose between normal Windows File Deletion or use the Wipe

01 Jun 2004

The Desktop

Someone recently saw my Desktop and asking me how the heck I keep it so empty! I thought it’s something worth sharing. Many people do it but many more don’t. A desktop, to me, is a temporary workspace. Anything that goes on it comes off a few days later. Any work that takes longer than

31 May 2004

The LiveJournal Backup Toolkit

(click for larger view) Features: Export to Plain Text (the reason I created this really, so I can store all reformatted backups in GMail Export to CSV (A wee little different from LJ’s, as you’ll see!) Export to Movable Type Instructions on how you can export to WordPress , pMachine and Drupal Ability to set

29 May 2004

Enable a .NET app with XP Visual Styles

If you use Visual Studio.NET 2003 and have a WinForms application and you want to add Windows XP Visual Styles, or theme, to the application, do this: In the main() function, add: Application.EnableVisualStyles(); Application.DoEvents(); Like this example: static void Main() { Application.EnableVisualStyles(); Application.DoEvents(); Application.Run(new MainForm()); } Remember to add those two lines before creating the

29 May 2004

Assuming the future…

Seth Godin has something interesting titled Five years from now Assume that: Hard drive space is free Wifi like connections are everywhere Connections speeds are 10 to 100 times faster Everyone has a digital camera Everyone carries a device that is sort of like a laptop, but cheap and tiny The number of new products

28 May 2004

ahead Nero Raw CD Copy How-To

How to do a Raw CD Copy using ahead Nero Burning Rom: If you want to burn an Image, press Ctrl-R and choose Image Recorder as the device File | CD Copy… Image tab: Choose the image file destination Copy Options tab: Uncheck On the fly If possible, reduce the Read Speed to 8x or

26 May 2004

The Google Deskbar!

ClickZ reports: Google is at work developing a desktop application designed to search personal computer hard drives, according to a report in today’s New York Times. Citing “several people with knowledge of the company’s plans,” the article says Google has been working on the project, code-named Puffin, for about a year. It also says the

20 May 2004
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