Antonio D’souza writes in OSNews Netscape’s business model consisted of selling webservers to organizations. Its legendary web browser hardly brought in any money through direct sales. What it did do, however, was give the fledgling company instant high visibility in the online world. When organizations were shopping for a webserver, the Netscape brand was instantly

19 May 2004

Firefox Adblock

To surf the web advert-less is absolutely satisfying! Thanks to Mozilla Firefox and it’s Adblock plugin this becomes a very simple task indeed. Here are my present Adblock filters: doubleclick valueclick a.yimg.* *us.1.yimg. /RealMedia/ads/ fastclick. adbureau. adblaster eyeblaster-bs. /banners/ /Adv/ /ads/ /admentor/ advertising. spinbox. zdmcirc. exchangead. bluestreak. * * bannermania

18 May 2004

What? No InputBox in C#?

VB.NET has support for the InputBox function mostly for backward compatibility. Knowing Microsoft, it will probably disappear in the next Framework release. How silly is this? No InputBox in C#. So I did this. Add a Windows Form to your project. Name it “InputBox” Add a label for the question, a textbox for the answer

08 May 2004

Distributed Computing Projects

I’ve been wanting to stop wasting my CPU cycles and so jumped back into [email protected] again. What’s [email protected]? [email protected] is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. Then I started wondering why not

07 May 2004

A plan to murder IRC

NY Times= reports: IT was just another Wednesday on the sprawling Internet chat-room network known as I.R.C. In a room called Prime-Tyme-Movies, users offered free pirated downloads of “The Passion of the Christ’‘ and “Kill Bill Vol. 2.’‘ In the DDO-Matrix channel, illegal copies of Microsoft’s Windows software and “Prince of Persia: The Sands of

06 May 2004

On bashing Microsoft

John Topley blogs: It’s not accidental that a large proportion of the brightest people in the business work for Microsoft. Some would claim that this is down to the lure of MS cash. I don’t buy that argument because for people this smart remuneration would be generous at any company, besides which the acquisition of

05 May 2004

Two Cool Utilities

The Regulator The Regulator is an advanced, free regular expressions testing and learning tool, featuring syntax highlighting and web-service integration with’s database of online regular expressions. It allows you to build and verify a regular expression against any text input, file or web, and displays matching, splitting or replacement results within an easy to

05 May 2004

To buy a Laptop

Walter Mossberg shares some tips: Buy plenty of memory, preferably 512 megabytes; get at least a 40-gigabyte hard disk; spring for USB 2.0 ports, slots for memory cards used in cameras and an Ethernet connector. Laptop buyers also must consider issues that are specific to portable computing. And laptop shopping is much harder than desktop

03 May 2004
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